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KLA Schools of North Bay Village

7800 Hispanola Avenue
North Bay Village, FL 33141

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Who We Are

Greetings and welcome to KLA North Bay Village!

KLA Schools of North Bay Village is located on Treasure Island. Our school provides an exceptional learning environment. Each classroom has been custom-designed and each piece of furniture was carefully hand picked to provide the highest quality of cognition, safety and comfort. Our large and numerous glass windows spark curiosity in children, creating an atmosphere in which they love to explore, discover and grow. When parents enter KLA Schools of North Bay Village, they consistently comment that the look and feel is different from any preschool that they have visited.

*KLA Schools of North Bay Village is an independently owned business operating under a franchise agreement with KLA Franchise, LLC.

What Makes Us Unique

playgroundPlayground Encompassed in Nature
Stones, trees and plants all participate in creating the ultimate outdoor experience along with multiple opportunities for gross exploration.

elementary school preparationPreparation for Elementary School
State-of-the-art kindergarten class that integrates technology, arts and science with creative expression. Along with physical well-being and social development, we ready children for lifelong success in learning.

secure facilitySecure Facility
With closed circuit cameras and electronically locked doors, we offer peace of mind to families.

inspiring locationInspiring Location
KLA Schools of North Bay Village proudly serves families of Treasure Island and Miami Beach. Our facility was rebuilt and transformed into a state of the art child care center.

atelierAtelier (Art Studio)
An Atelier connotes an artist’s workroom and at KLA Schools of North Bay Village, it is also a common space that children share. It supports the use of different media while encouraging exchanges between the different materials, people and ideas.

gardenChild Cared for Garden
The children and families of KLA Schools care for this intimate plot of ground where opportunities for growth, exploration and a close look at nature are provided.

Classrooms at KLA Schools of North Bay Village are furnished with wide-open windows and transparent doors that connect the classrooms to one another. By structuring our spaces this way, the children are provided with the opportunity to feel welcomed not just in their classrooms, but the ones next door.

enrichment coursesEnrichment Courses
Music is a weekly course included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.

“The best preschool approach in the world!”


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  • When we first toured the school we knew KLA was top notch and nicer than any other school hands down that we had visited. The classrooms are large, bright and beautiful which was really important to us. Our daughter has adjusted to attending school better than I ever would have imagined! She basically flew out of my arms in the morning after just two days of starting. Her teachers are wonderful. Everyone is so welcoming and involved with the process and child. We feel thrilled to have our child attending KLA Schools!

    – Mandee B.

  • I love this place! KLA has exceeded my expectations in every way. My son is growing and learning so much, and he is a confident, happy little boy. This is due to the environment at KLA and his teachers and the staff. I appreciate the updates every day and hearing about everything he is doing! KLA has been a wonderful home away from home for my son.

    – Rachel B.

  • KLA is a wonderful preschool. The staff is amazing and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do. The facility is beautiful, clean and very comfortable. They do a great job with their art program and letting the children be creative with numerous art mediums.

    – Jennifer K.

  • I love KLA, my son’s teachers, all the staff and especially the director, an extraordinary caring person! It has been a total blessing for my child and our family to begin his first childcare experience at KLA! Thank you KLA!!!

    – Margie S.


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Giving continuity to our renowned early childhood education.

Registration is open for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.
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